Membership to ABUG Boston and is completely, 100% free. It has a variety of advantageous benefits, including giveaways, discounts at publishers and software.



There are a variety of advantageous benefits, including giveaways, discounts on publications and software.

Here are some of the benefits:

• Discounts on Adobe products, including Creative Cloud subscriptions.

• AGI – ABUG Boston members enjoy exclusive local discounts for AGI Training sessions and products.


• Save 35% on Peachpit and Adobe Press titles.

• O'Reilly - Buy one Ebook, get one free.



You get what you put into it!


You come to events, you learn about the tools, the methods and the trends in the design world.


However, when you get involved behind the scenes, you get so much more…  hands-on experiences, exposure to new skill sets, potential business contacts, friendships, recognition and the satisfaction of having participated in the betterment of our community.


We are 100% volunteer driven and that means we need you to take part. There are all sorts of ways you can participate:

• Assist with the creative process and maintenance of our website

• Help maintain our social media presence, tweeting, blogging and posting material about us and our material on our social media outlets (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)

• Get involved in our event planning and execution process.

• Write articles for news and web outlets, about any number of topics including product reviews,

tech tips and tricks, latest trends, etc.

• Become a liaison with one of our sponsors, maintaining our relationship with them.

• Design promo material for events and initiatives

• Take notes at our events and send them in to help us prepare written evaluations of our events

• If you have limited time but want to get involved, help out with our set-up before events and/or man our event tables

There are many ways to help ABUG Boston. If you would like to participate, please contact:




We are currently setting up a website and social media group as part of our promotional efforts.
Please contact us if you are interested.